EFI & Electrical


EZ-21 Wiring Harness - $185.00

The EZ-21 wiring harness contains 18 fuses and 21 circuits. GXL 125 high-temp cross linked polyethylene jacketed wire is grease, oil, gas, and acid resistant.


EGR Eliminator Plug - $20.00

EGR Eliminator Plug tells the ECU that the EGR is closed. Prevents a check engine light and most importantly, keeps the engine running smoothly.


EGR Eliminator Plate - $30.00

EGR Eliminator Plate eliminates the EGR on your 5.0L and allows you to use the stock throttle body cables. Made of billet aluminum.


EGR Eliminator Kit - $45.00

Bundle package includes both EGR Eliminator Plug and EGR Eliminator Plate.


Extream Headlight Harness - $69.00

Choose between low beam, high beam or both. A must have for high-wattage lighting, power is routed through relays instead of the headlight switch.


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